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ESF Operational Programmes 2000-2006

Circulars 2000-2006

The ESF Certifying Authority issued a number of Circulars which offered an interpretation of EU Regulations governing the use of ESF funding period 2000-2006.

Circulars issued by the ESF Certifying Authority

These circulars can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the links provided.

  • ESF/PA/1-2001 Financial Management and Control Procedures for the European Social Fund (ESF) 2000-2006
  • ESF/PA/2-2001  Eligibility Rules
  • ESF/PA/3-2001  Explanatory leaflet to the ESF Eligibility Rules for the period 1 January 2000 - 31 December 2006
  • ESF/PA/4-2001  Description of management and control systems required under Article 5 of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 438/2001.
  • ESF/PA/5-2002  The purpose of this circular is to advise NDP/CSF Managing Authorities and departments with delegated Managing Authority functions, of changes to procedures for ex-ante certification of expenditure in order to draw-down funding from the European Commission.
  • ESF/PA/6-2002  The purpose of this circular is to implement improvements to certain practices and procedures following a Commission "Preventive audit on management and control systems for Managing and Paying Authority", Ireland.