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PMC Meetings

Details of Monitoring Committee of Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013 meetings

HCIOP 2007-2013 Monitoring Committee Meeting 10/07/13

Minutes of HCI OP Monitoring Committee Meeting 10/07/2013

Draft Agenda

1   Introduction by Chairperson
2   Adoption of AgendaFor approval
3   Minutes of MC meeting of 12th Dec 2012For discussion and approval
For discussion
For discussion
6   Horizontal Principles
     b. Social Inclusion
         (Review of Gender Equality HP reports)
         (Review of Wider Eq Opps HP reports)
For discussion
7   LMETFStatus
8   Structural Funds - next round - state of play Preparation 2014-2020Update and progress
9   Transnational cooperationStatus
10  AOB
11  Next Meeting